Monday, April 2, 2012

Lillie Belle Farms

Lillie Belle Farms is an artisan chocolate store in Central Point, Oregon. I did not make the long drive to Southern Oregon, but went online to order some chocolates from them.

(Found photo online here
As usual, I was in one of those experimental panda moods. And while I don't have the largest chocolate craving known to mankind, the intrigue of spicy chocolate bars worked to fork over the cash.

On one of the bars, the cover stated "Do Not Eat This Chocolate" -- literally. Apparently, I would get a "full metal chile and chocolate bitch slap." Oh yeah? Well try to come slap me!

This thing even had a drawing of a guy who saw the depths of hell. Flames for eyeballs! Agony all over his face! I read this thing won a "Scovie" award for its artwork. It's a 2011 "Hot Pepper" award winner, containing ghost peppers, aji amarillos, and arbol. Described as hot, with smoky and citrusy flavors. Kickass! Curious pandas don't listen to warnings, so this went in the shopping cart. Five bucks for a bar? Not sure about that, honestly. Pandas are probably not big chocoholics.

Do Not Eat This Chocolate!
(Lillie Belle Farms)
I opened the package, revealing a cool Lillie Belle Farms design on the front of the bar. The peppers were probably reduced to powdered form, blending in seamlessly with the chocolate itself. I detected ghost pepper flavor right away, but I didn't find the heat very powerful or overwhelming. While the average Joe or Jane would probably feel the pain, I found it a bit disappointing as I ho-hummed my way through the entire bar without flinching. I was looking forward to a good bitchslapping, dangit....

For fun, I also tossed in one of their Crunchy Fire Bars. The spice comes from chipotle peppers, easily milder than any ghost pepper. Heat? I laughed in its face. What fire? The pecans inside give it a pleasing crunch, but for some reason, I would have expected more pecans or a crunchier chocolate bar here.

Crunchy Fire Bar
(Lillie Belle Farms)

If you're not the type that likes chiles and chocolate, they have "regular" stuff as well. Many of their ganaches and chocolate bars are popular. Looking at the website, Lillie Belle Farms has numerous bonbon choices, all   awesome in appearance. The chocolate I got was good, so I gotta be fair on that.

Check out Lillie Belle Farms, or order online. It was over $10 just for shipping. Considering it woulda cost me a lot more to drive to and from there, shipping was my prudent play. 6.75/10

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