Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beau Jo's

Beau Jo's is a local pizza establishment, made even more famous by its appearance on the Boulder episode of Man v. Food. My friend and I headed to the Boulder location for more epic noshing.

Mountain pies already sound epic. And then they give you a pork green chili sauce option. That's all she wrote, fellas.

Walking in a bit after 11, my friend and I got a small mountain pie to share. Pork green chili sauce, ricotta, hot chicken, and more Hatch green chiles on their honey whole wheat crust. Vintage healthy options!

I loved the inside of the Boulder location, especially when using stones to create the bar counter. A clean, inviting environment.

That's one amazing looking bar
Adam Richman was here...
Our small mountain pie arrived, braided crust and all. The ricotta was the ideal light choice, allowing the chicken and the chiles to shine through. The chicken had the tiniest noticeable zip. The honey whole wheat crust was a winner, possessing that crunchy, airy/light quality.

Small mountain pie
Pork green chili sauce, ricotta, hot chicken, and Hatch green chile!
(Beau Jo's)
Get the honey ready! Gotta have it on your crust here. Why Oregon never really embraced such an idea (at least to my knowledge), I have no clue.

You MUST have honey with your pizza crusts here!

Yes, I could have opted for the AYCE (all you can eat) pizza, soup, and salad bar for $8.99. However, with more places to try in such a short span of time, it was probably best on this occasion to get what I'd deem a light snack.

I also saw a pork green chili cheeseburger pizza on the menu. Colorado is doing a great job so far in making me want to move.

You up for a challenge? Get a partner and take on the 14-pound Grand Sicilian. One hour, two people. Only a few teams have done it. Considering how delicious the pizza is here, I wish I could take down at least 7 pounds of it. At the time of my visit, only 12 teams had won. It's $75 for the pizza, but winning teams get the pizza free, $100, T-shirts, and recognition on their wall.

Only a dozen names on the wall!
Beau Jo's had some great pie. I hope to be back in the future! 7.5/10

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