Sunday, April 8, 2012

Willamette Burger Company (Part 3)

(NOTE: Willamette Burger Company closed in July 2012.)

(Original Review -- September 2011)
(Second Review -- September 2011)

Several weeks ago, there was a Groupon for Willamette Burger Company, offering $14 worth of food at only $7. After seeing WBC's March special, I was determined to get there before April arrived. March 31 was my chance.

I made the short drive to Willamette Burger Company's location on Fairgrounds Road. They had moved since my last visit. Unfortunately, even around 1:40 in the afternoon on a Saturday, parking proved to be an issue. After refusing to double-park or otherwise be a cunning panda, I ended up about two blocks away. Walking never hurt anyone.

I started with a side of their Texas-style chili, an all-beef, extremely flavorful dish that reminded me of the awesome chili at the now-closed Chili Inside, Chili Outside food cart in Portland. Fairly large chunks of beef in this one. Channeling my carnivorous panda! Yes! If anything, I could see a lot of grease, which may make sense if they don't drain the beef of all that fat. A little is fine, but excessive saturated fat may quite literally send me to an early grave. But we all pass on one day anyway, so it's best to go happy.

Beef chili
(Willamette Burger Company)
The March special was the Reuben-8-'er. And holy Moses I wanted a Reuben so badly. Doesn't matter that the special wasn't a burger. I got my share of real house-roasted corned beef, from-scratch 1000 Island dressing, Tillamook Swiss, and sauerkraut. Unfortunately, they didn't have rye, but sourdough works for me!

"The Reuben-8-'er"
(Willamette Burger Company)

Closeup shot of the cross-section
I loved the perfectly toasted sourdough bread, although it was very greasy. I think I got enough butter for a Furious Pete Czerwinski diet, but man, they otherwise nailed this bad boy.

The fries turned a food porn-like golden brown, then receiving a light application of salt. I sank my teeth into some outstanding potatoes.

I think it's a good deal for $14. But leave your health-conscious self at the door if getting certain items here.

From the parking troubles to the greasy food, it wasn't as blissful an experience as the last two visits. Yet, I remain a fan. Their delicious, from-scratch menu items, and friendly service mean more to me in the long run. 7.5/10

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