Monday, April 23, 2012

Cherry Cricket

Cherry Cricket, located in Denver, Colorado, is a bar and grill that is also known for being on the Denver episode of Man v. Food. It has an enormous following, with substantial waitlists at peak meal hours. It was no exception when a friend and I met up for lunch here one Saturday.

Not surprisingly, it was a damn zoo past 1 in the afternoon on a Saturday! That's a good thing, really. There was a waiting list to get a regular table, but there were seats at the bar and on the back patio. My friend and I chose the bar.

Being able to customize your Cricket burger leaves literally millions of combinations. This time, it was peanut butter, bacon, and jalapeno, coming to about $9.

My friend and I shared this burger
Peanut butter and bacon, with diced jalapenos in the separate container
(Cherry Cricket)
Food porn
I requested the burger medium, but the amount of pink inside the burger may have touched on medium-rare territory. It really didn't matter to me, as long as this curious panda doesn't eat completely raw meat. Kickass-quality beef, seasoned very well. I can't expect anything less in Colorado.

People may wonder...peanut butter and bacon? Yes. It's awesome. Bacon makes everything better. The fresh jalapenos worked here as well, providing additional crunch and a tiny zip. I wish there were much spicier choices, though. Come on, ghost peppers and Trinidad Scorpion peppers!

The woman taking our order initially didn't smile very much, perhaps a bit too serious for my liking. To be fair, she was hard at work at the bar, in a freakin' madhouse. I'd probably be in the asylum in her position. She also smiled and wished us a great day when we were leaving.

My friend said he'd go back. I would as well. Cue a very jealous panda. 8/10

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