Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rock Rest Lodge

The Rock Rest Lodge is a saloon-like restaurant and bar in Golden, Colorado. I wanted to come here to try their peanut butter burger, but when I also found out they had a 4-pound PB burger challenge that only cost $12, I figured it was worth a shot to try it. It would be my first quantity food challenge. Little did I know what I'd be getting myself into.

I've mentioned to my friends that curious pandas may probably get nuked one day, and that came here with Rock Rest's 4-pound Peanut Butter Burger Challenge.

Nice menu cover...

Basically, if you can finish a big burger laced with several days' worth of peanut butter and a plantation's worth of curly fries in 30 minutes or less, you'd get the $12 meal free, your picture on their wall, and a $25 bar tab. A great way to make some new friends if you prevail.

2-3 other people didn't have their photos up yet
(5-6 winners overall)

The burger also has four 1/3 lb. patties, four slices of cheese, eight strips of crispy bacon, and your usual burger veggies. A dill pickle spear is placed on top of the burger, and all held together with a skewer. Roughly 2.5 to 3 lbs, I'd reckon.

It's a pound of COOKED curly fries. I thought I read somewhere that since the uncooked potatoes lose water when fried up, it could amount to four pounds of uncooked spuds. FML. At other places I've been to, their version of a pound is nowhere near as large as Rock Rest's portion. Yay for a very large greasy and heavy food-porny challenge!

Only 5-6 people have won to date. A woman reportedly finished in 9:24. WTF. Must be a competitive eater.

The Peanut Butter Burger Challenge
(Rock Rest Lodge)
For the record, the food was insanely awesome. The fresh beef patties were cooked perfectly, very juicy and seasoned well. Initially, the fries were a sexy golden brown. The peanut butter oozed out of that burger and blanketed my favorite meat crack (that'd be bacon, folks). Admit it, peanut butter-covered bacon is foodgasm material.

Then flavor fatigue and heaviness (especially from the peanut butter) set in. The Cinderella-like food transformed into very ugly stepsisters. I mean, we're talking a trillion times worse than WWE's Mae Young here.

My pace slowed to an agonizing crawl for the last half of the challenge. I never got very full, but left about a quarter of the burger and maybe less than half the fries. Ugh. I guess it's respectable for deciding: "let's do this for no other reason than to defile a spicy panda!"

In what shouldn't be much of a surprise anymore, here's a video of my challenge attempt!

Fail...oh well
Coulda kept going if I really pushed; not full at the end
The staff was great and I loved the decor. For $12 you can't beat the price and the quality. Heck man, that challenge could feed 3-4 "normal" people.

Admittedly, I goaded my friend into doing a couple of spicy challenges the previous few days. This was basically his revenge to get maximum entertainment value. I know he's now happy and laughing at me for this stunt. You're welcome. Don't worry, I only took ten gigantic leaps closer to heart disease.

Speaking of my sadistic friend, he got some delicious-looking mozzarella sticks and really loved them. He also tried some of my burger after the challenge was over and enjoyed that as well. Somehow, I would like to see him screwed over on a food challenge...don't know why.

Mozzarella sticks
(Rock Rest Lodge)
"Peanut butter, why does it have to be peanut butter...?"

OK, so my buddy treated me to some sorbet later. Maybe I was still food drunk. But did he playfully offer me some peanut butter ice cream? Argh. 8.75/10

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