Friday, April 27, 2012

Osaka Sushi

Osaka Sushi is a Japanese sushi bar and restaurant in Denver, Colorado. While I enjoy great sushi once in a while, I was here with a friend to take on the Nuclear Roll sushi challenge.

The inside was clean, albeit a little dim for my liking. The lunch rush had probably come and gone by that point, so we took a seat at the bar. Our female server, Haejoo, asked for my ID because she thought I was younger than 28. A lot of people agree. It's just good genes, I guess.

The Nuclear Roll challenge is simply consuming eight pieces of spicy tuna sushi, topped with the chef's special spicy sauce. All they would tell me was wasabi oil was in there. I wasn't scared at all. More like giddy and freakin' excited. There's no time limit, and if you finish the roll, you get a free small bottle of cold sake.

Nuclear Roll
(Osaka Sushi)
The rolls (one for me and one for my friend) were placed in front of us. A very small challenge that I thought would somehow pack more punch than it did.

I felt the wasabi go up my nose, and I very slightly teared up from all that, but I powered through without problems. Sushi gone in less than a minute, to Haejoo's shock. My friend wasn't too far behind, finishing about a minute after me. Two guys finished in two minutes. Yup, we're badasses.

Here's a video of my friend and I nuking this challenge:

I took a nice celebratory shot of sake just for the heck of it. The rest would get consumed at a later time.

Very good sushi here, with fresh ingredients. The guys working behind the counter weren't as talkative. I guess they were merely in the zone working and prepping for the dinner rush.

This was probably my easiest food challenge to date. I'd definitely come back for more than one Nuclear Roll, just to see how much I can take down. If anything, I'd probably get full before any sort of heat took me down. But I probably would also want to try some of the other specialty rolls. A dilemma, indeed.... 8/10

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