Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Breakfast King

The Breakfast King is a breakfast-and-lunch dive located on West Mississippi Ave. in Denver, Colorado. A vintage diner feel -- and they really love the color orange here. The servers wear old-school white uniforms. That's pretty neat. But how would the food fare?

A plethora of menu items, usually common for a place that's open 24 hours.

Many Yelpers reviewed this place and praised the breakfast burrito (with ham, egg, potatoes, etc.) that's smothered in green chili. Guess that was an easy choice. At $8.95 and generously sized, it was a pretty sweet deal.

Breakfast burrito smothered in green chili
(The Breakfast King)

Yup, that's one damn good burrito. Panda-dancing good. The best part was the smothering green chili; it had a noticeable kick that I hadn't previously seen in other green chili concoctions. Also, big praise for the perfectly cooked potatoes. The exterior had an amazing browned crispiness that I wish all browned potatoes had. The ham lacked that mouth-watering smokiness I crave, but still left me a happy panda. No question, I'd get this again.

The coffee ($1.75) was pretty watery, mostly a lifeless, darkened cup of coffee essence. It's also very lukewarm, not fresh-piping hot. Would they allow me to zap the coffee in the microwave or something just so I can torch my taste buds? At least unlimited refills is a positive. I don't believe pedestrian coffee is a death blow for a diner/dive joint.

Coffee...really pedestrian at best
Overall, it's still a good place for that breakfast burrito. Unsure what else I'd get here, but hopefully it would be just as satisfying as that burrito. 7.25/10

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