Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toast (Littleton, CO)

Toast is a small breakfast dive in Littleton, Colorado. This is the original location that originally opened in December 2006. Another Toast in Cherry Creek opened and closed a while back. Being a big breakfast lover, I was curious if this popular place lived up to the hype.

Walking in a bit after 9 on a Sunday, the place was pretty busy. Lots of energy in this vibrant dive.

Several items on the menu looked awesome, but one in particular stood out a bit more -- mainly because there's no way I'd find it in Oregon: Santa Fe French Toast. A savory French toast with spicy chorizo, green chile, avocado crema, queso anejo, pico de gallo, and cheese. And for $10.99, it was a lovely generous portion!

Santa Fe French Toast
I thought it was great to have a more savory French toast. The chorizo was excellent, with a bit of moisture and that very fresh feel to it. The avocado and pico de gallo added great color and refreshing qualities, bringing everything together. The runny egg yolk, by itself, almost sold me. Panda happy!

Their coffee, even at $2.75, was full-bodied and extremely satisfying. Made by Novo. I'd guess it's a dark roast. I could easily drink enough cups to get my money's worth. Bring me a few pots, in fact. Some of the best coffee I've had when going out to eat.
And it's also excellent coffee!
I would certainly come back here for more! 8.75/10

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