Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl

Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl is a food truck roaming Denver, Colorado. They also have a brick-and-mortar establishment on East 35th Ave. You can get any of their delicious bowls or build your own. What would I think about their pork green chili?

I saw their food truck at the Denver Food Truck Festival on April 14. When I planned my Colorado trip, I promised myself I'd get more than my fair share of green chili in my belly. So it was only natural that I halted everything just to get food here.

A good line formed pretty quickly here!
Matthew and Roberta Robinette are the co-owners, and they only use Hatch green chile in their dishes. I didn't want to miss a single element of what they had. Figured building my own bowl was the best way to take it all in.

Rice or mashed potatoes? Wait, mashed potatoes and green chili? OK, I'll take both. Cheese and jalapenos on top? Both. I felt like Deion Sanders here when picking choices.

Adding the spicy hot pork green chili, black beans, and carnitas, it came to about $7, a very reasonable price.

Build-a-Bowl with hot pork green chili, jalapenos, carnitas,
cheese, black beans, rice, and mashed potatoes
(Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl)
That green chili is the glue that just brought everything together. The extremely tender carnitas could be shredded even more with a fork. I enjoyed the little zip from the jalapenos and the green chili (compared to other things I've had, this was mild stuff). Overall, definitely a winner here.

I wish I had more room for building a burrito. Or perhaps some green chili nachos. Maybe next time. These are the times I am jealous of my Denver friends. Portland has a bazillion places to eat and I've seen maybe just one or two that use actual Hatch green chile. But hey, if things don't pan out in PDX, I may just consider heading to Colorado. You never know.... 8/10

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