Friday, April 27, 2012

Coors Field

Coors Field is a Major League Baseball ballpark, home of the Colorado Rockies. It's located on Blake St. in Denver, Colorado. My first MLB game also required a bit of eating. Generally, some people place a negative stigma on ballpark food. But does that hold true here?

My friend and I were smart to get downtown early. OK, maybe too early. We really had to kill over four hours before the game started (about 6:10 p.m. Mountain time), so we hopped on the free shuttle downtown, walked around, took pictures, etc.

When the Coors Field gates finally opened around 4:30 p.m. (give or take a few minutes), we walked around, seeking out some good eating locations. Yup, we spotted Helton's Burger Shack in the left-center field section of the park.

The staff opened up another covered area around 5, and that's where our eating adventures occurred.

First, Rocky Mountain Oysters ($7.50). Yeah, go look up online what they really are. Breaded and fried, so that instantly makes things better. Thinly sliced to resemble a potato chip, but chewier and a slight seafood-like aftertaste after eating a few of them. They'd go very well with cocktail sauce or horseradish sauce. It's served with fries, which were also cooked nicely.

Rocky Mountain Oysters (with fries underneath)
Big props to my friend for finding this one online: S'mores Nachos ($7). You'll find it at a signature nachos stand. As far as I know, it's unique to Coors Field, introduced this year. The house-made cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips were wonderful. Unfortunately, the marshmallow fluff made this thing almost impossible to eat without making a scene or a mess. I'd ditch the fluff and stick with chocolate sauce, M&Ms, mini marshmallows (perhaps torch them?) and some graham cracker crumbs, and that'll be a true winner.

S'mores Nachos
We split a Denver dog ($6.50), which has the pork green chili in there. A lovely high-quality bun and a fairly thick beef hot dog. Fresh jalapenos should be used way more often, none of this pickled stuff you may find elsewhere. The green chili breaks the bun down enough to render this to a knife-and-fork job. Delicious.

Denver Dog
My friend got a Berrie Kabob ($6), merely fresh strawberries and sliced bananas on a skewer, drizzled with white and milk chocolate. Just beautiful presentation, but the size of the fruit may have been too big to fully appreciate the drizzled chocolate.

Berrie Kabob
And of course, I got a Coors Light. Yeah, $7.25 is just panda-stabbing expensive, but it was more for the experience. I don't really drink a lot of alcoholic beverages anymore anyway.

Despite the rain that eventually came, it was a killer experience, especially with club-level seats!

Awesome seats!
I saw a deep-fried Twinkie vendor and a few places to take batting practice or throw a few pitches. Very cool.

This was one awesome ballpark. Only downside that I saw would be the overpriced items, but that's commonplace. Now I really want to see what other MLB stadiums have to offer. 8.25/10

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