Sunday, April 1, 2012

Da-Pressed Coffee

Da-Pressed Coffee is an espresso and smoothie cart located at the Good Food Here pod in Portland, Oregon. Owner Evan Mooney opened this cart around August 2010.

I blame the bar exam.

Although I had bypassed this cart so many times, I never had a huge coffee fix until my latest bar studying experience. Sure, I also had the coffee cravings during the first semester of law school, but I quickly weaned myself off that when I started nodding off in class way too much. I still graduated, so it didn't affect me in the long run!

Coffee/Espresso menu
(March 2012)
Smoothie and food menu
(March 2012)
I love that this place has sugar-free syrups and fat-free or dairy-free options. For once, I avoided the caloric bomb by getting an 8 oz. latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup and fat-free milk ($2.50). It even came in a paper cup with the cart name on it. Simple, yet awesome.

Sugar-free, fat-free vanilla latte
(Da-Pressed Coffee)
Closeup shot of the logo on the cup
I quickly read some of the first Yelp reviews, and it seems Evan has taken some feedback to heart. I received my drink without a lid, and the customer can put it on later. I loved this, especially so I could take my usual photos. And these espresso drinks are lovely to look at if the barista has the magic touch.

Evan uses coffee from Ristretto Roasters, but Da-Pressed will also have their own line of roasted coffees for sale. This cart may also have gluten-free food options.

Some of the coffees they may have for sale!
Eat me!
Check out Da-Pressed for your caffeine and snack fixes! 7.5/10

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