Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jerusalem Cafe

Jerusalem Cafe is a Mediterranean restaurant with three overall locations (two in Vancouver, WA): downtown on E Evergreen; one on SE Chkalov Drive; and a third on SE Belmont in Portland, Oregon. For purposes of this review, I only focused on the downtown E Evergreen establishment.

Found this picture online of the downtown Vancouver location
I met with an attorney for lunch and he suggested this fine place. No, I'm not in trouble. Pandas are angelic creatures! Spicochistic, but very friendly.

The Jerusalem Special ($8.99) is what my acquaintance got, and it looked fantastic. Chicken and pork with chopped onions, bell peppers, and special seasonings.

(The other pic I took of the menu was too bright)
Gee, I have no clue why I got a menu item called "Chicken on Fire" ($8.99). Perhaps it has something to do with the word fire? In this case, it's only charbroiled chicken, fellas. Served with rice, tabouli salad, and Mediterranean salad.

"Chicken on Fire"
(Jerusalem Cafe)

The chicken was juicy and perfectly seasoned. Rice...excellent. Mediterranean salad, refreshing. I'm not too high on the tabouli salad, although it was wonderfully prepared. I simply don't care for that much parsley, I suppose.

We received starters of pita bread and various dishes to stuff the pita with. Among them appeared to be potato salad, red cabbage, and a salsa-like condiment. I'd do cartwheels, but I had to keep professional this time. Yup, time and a place for everything.


Our server was on the ball at the start, but seemed to ignore us at the end. I'll assume he was busy with other tables and/or wasn't sure if we were finished with our meals. Overall, a very good first experience at Jerusalem Cafe! 7/10

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