Friday, May 11, 2012

Orupa (Part 3)

(Original Review -- May 2011)
(Second Review -- July 2011)

A friend and I returned to Orupa in early May to celebrate my passing of the Washington Bar Exam (can you say mega happy panda?). I was particularly eager to give this place another go at lunchtime, but concerns over product consistency loomed in my head as we were seated.

At around noon, the place wasn't crowded, but business lunches seemed the "in" thing around here. The inside is lovely, perfect for such a situation.

The menu looked pretty good (one page, with an array of options), but I was interested in their BLT wrap special ($10.95), which used prosciutto, Romaine lettuce, and their housemade naan (instead of a tortilla). The prosciutto was an absolute winner, and I thought the lightly toasted naan worked very well here. I also had their soup of the day, a sauerkraut chowder-like dish that had a lovely, controlled tang. The shredded sauerkraut maintained the slightest crunchiness. Great stuff. Panda cartwheels for the prosciutto!

BLT wrap and a sauerkraut "chowder"
My friend enjoyed Orupa's take on French Onion Soup. A soothing broth, not overly powerful, but nice flavor. The bread inside the soup had softened, enabling that starch to be cut with a spoon. The stringy melted cheese was panda-dancing good.

My friend's onion soup
Our basket of bread was excellent: light, with subtle herb qualities.

We had a very pleasant, attentive server. Orupa definitely got back in my good graces here. We'll be back for more! 8/10

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