Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Wingman has multiple spots in the state; this post is for the Parker, Colorado, location. It is home to the "Flaming Feathers" wing challenge. As one of my final stops in this epic Colorado tour, I had to get one more spicy challenge in.

I had to fuel my spicy food addiction one more time. Not to mention leave the state with a food challenge win after epic failing on Rock Rest's peanut butter burger.

The Flaming Feathers wing challenge requires one person to eat 10 Flaming Feathers wings in 10 minutes, with no napkins or liquids. Winners get their picture on the Wall of Flame, while unsuccessful challengers go on the Wall of Flame-Outs. On the flame-outs list, I'd put the average number of wings consumed at around three or four.

And at least he is now a wiser man for it
OW...not the eye!
I came by on a Monday afternoon to do the challenge, but there was only one person working the Parker location at the time. Since an employee must watch you do the challenge, I couldn't officially take it on. But I was leaving later that night. Spicy panda wanted wings. So screw it, I got the ten flaming wings anyway.

10 Flaming Feathers wings
From what my friend and I gathered, the Flaming Feathers wing sauce is a secret recipe, but probably uses ghost peppers and/or habaneros. It had the long burn of a ghost pepper, but hit fairly quickly like a habanero could. The spice really started hitting more by the seventh or eighth wing. As the remaining wings sat in a pool of that Flaming Feathers sauce, I wondered for a split second if I would finish.

Here's the video of me enjoying these wings! Yup, I said enjoying. Yay heat!

Yeah, emphasis on "split second." I took care of all ten in a respectable 4:19, probably around average to slightly above average when looking at other Wall of Flame champs.

Spicochist was here
I doubt there's extract in that wing sauce. The burn went away after about 10-15 minutes, the norm for me. I just kept drinking a bunch of water afterward, no milk needed. No horrid aftereffects, yay!

Wingman has been voted some of the best wings in Colorado. I thought they were quite good myself. I wish I had more time to try the other wing sauces. Bit I figure a spicy initiation at wing joints is the only way to go. Check them out! 7.5/10

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