Thursday, May 17, 2012

Legendary Doughnuts (Auburn, WA)

(Also read my review for the newer Tacoma location -- February 2013)

Legendary Doughnuts, located in Auburn, Washington, is Washington's version of Voodoo Doughnut. While you can get the standard doughnut here, they also offer fancy "legendary" doughnuts, topped with seemingly limitless combinations.

First of all, Legendary Doughhnuts is actually on Lake Tapps Parkway Southeast (not East), which messed me up the first time I tried to go. But hey, I still found it.

Voodoo Doughnut (in Portland, Oregon) inspired Shannon Patten, the general manager, to create amazing doughnuts of her own in Washington. And to think, if a pro eater never went here to do Legendary Doughnuts' 1 lb. doughnut contest (see below), I probably wouldn't have heard about this place for a while, if ever.

The "Oprah" is their bestseller, a maple-glazed bar, topped with crispy bacon. The size may intimidate some people, but not this panda. All it did was make me even happier. Amazingly light and airy, and the abundance of meat crack on top was foodgasmic material.

(Legendary Doughnuts)
Shot to capture the height of the doughnut
(who needs a knife when you can just take a couple of bites?)
You couldn't make the bacon any more perfect for me than what I received here. Crispy, yet not burned. Pair it with that maple glaze and you've subdued a panda to a lengthy hibernation.

I'd call this better than Voodoo Doughnut's rendition just because of the bacon. Otherwise, it's virtually equal.

For the speed eater, they have a 1-pound doughnut contest. It's held for about a one-month period from April to May. The person with the fastest overall time in that time frame wins $250! It's similar to Voodoo's Tex-Ass doughnut challenge, but at least Legendary Doughnuts gives you five minutes and whatever you want to drink (it's just 80 seconds at Voodoo with a Dixie cup of water). However, no doughnut dunking here.

The winning time last year was about 2:02. On May 3, 2012, Randy Santel, a professional eater from Kansas City, wolfed down this huge doughnut in 1:46! Check out his video on Randy's business Facebook page or on Legendary Doughnuts' Facebook page! Amazingly, another guy, Evan Denmark, came in on Mother's Day and beat Randy's time...1:36! Unbelievable.

Me? I could eat that entire doughnut. Just not in under two minutes. Five minutes *could* be doable, but man, that's a lot of chewing even with liquids (no dunking allowed).

They also had a smaller doughnut (the 8 oz. "Homer Simpson") for the 10-and-under kids' division. Daniel Miller won this year with a time of 2:45! Congrats!

Randy Santel with a time of 1:46! Wow!
Honestly didn't think that would be beaten....

I chatted with Maggie, one of their great employees. She mentioned several other popular doughnuts, like the Bavarian cream-filled doughnut and a cinnamon-roll-inspired doughnut. Little girls may consider the Tinkerbell, a glazed raised doughnut covered in pink glittery sprinkles. Kids will likely go for the traditional-looking raised doughnuts with some type of glaze or topping. Lots of people will show up on the weekends, a great photo op!

Are you a coffee addict like me? They have their own Legendary coffee blend, locally provided by Caffe Vita in Seattle. The cold drip coffee (stronger caffeine and less acidic than espresso) appears to be the signature non-doughnut item here. Or you can just have a Legendary chocolate shot. Or do both! #yesyesyes

Legendary Doughnuts may be a way's from where I live, but that Oprah was off the chain. I hope to be back for a lot more! 9/10

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