Saturday, May 19, 2012

GF Chef (Part 2)

(Original Review -- August 2011)

Time to re-visit another food cart! For today's review, it's the GF Chef cart, now back at the Green Castle food pod (NE 20th and Everett). When the Green Castle pod closed for a few months this past fall and winter, the cart temporarily moved to the Cartlandia pod. Chef Jim Adams continues to blow me away with all his dishes!

Since I had been here before for a great sandwich, I figured it was time for breakfast. Jim quickly sold me on his Smoked Steelhead omelet ($7.50). Fresh spinach and generous portions of steelhead (which Jim smokes himself) are placed inside a quilt of perfectly cooked eggs. Some jack cheese gets melted on top. The side is Mustang potatoes, seasoned with a special spice blend.

Smoked Steelhead Omelet w/Mustang Potatoes
(GF Chef)
Yeah, that omelet's hard to beat. Delicious. What really made me happy...that bright sexy green spinach. Yellow egg, pink steelhead. Jim nailed the seasoned potatoes dead-on. A lot of color on one plate, so visually appealing.

Still, I yearned for more. After hearing so many great comments about the peach cobbler, I had to have some. While Jim prepped a sample of the cobbler, I ordered a full one anyway. I knew it would be good. It's one of those foodie panda ESP things.

Peach cobbler -- underneath whipped cream
(GF Chef)

Nice helping of peaches here!
Sure enough, that cobbler was off-the-chain awesome. Yes, it's gluten-free. I wouldn't be able to tell if no one told me. Not that it really matters, because I'm your not-so-ordinary food disposal. Panda see food. Panda eat food. Panda wants more. Maybe if anything, I could ask for the cobbler on a small plate next time so I can see this dish in all its glory, rather than tease me in a small disposable bowl under a bunch of whipped cream.

Regarding lunch, I must also make a pitch for Jim's fantastic Iberian sandwich ($7.50). Jim bakes his own rye bread (his own gluten-free blend) here. He adds smoked gouda, real sauteed turkey breast (no deli meat here!), topped with Spanish olive oil, mayo, and Kyger spices. The sandwich is grilled to melt that cheese. A masterful job on the seasoning. It's a small, yet substantial sandwich that I could eat over and over again.

(GF Chef)
On sunny days, it seems Jim may also sell more slushy products. There was a cherry-flavored one at the Green Castle grand re-opening yesterday. He also has this refreshing pomegranate iced tea that is the perfect drink with (or after) a heavy meal.

I also got to meet Jim's "better half," Bonnie. Just a lovely person to talk with.

I could really get used to a gluten-free diet if I had great food like this all the time. And while you enjoy your meal, wash it down with some great Nossa Familia coffee. Pandas love caffeine.

I've been here multiple times and loved everything. Definitely go to this elite food cart! 9/10

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