Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guyot Family Farms

Guyot Family Farms, based out of Cedar Mill, Oregon, can be found at the Portland Saturday Market selling their homemade fresh fruit jellies. They have created over 75 different jellies to date. As one probably could predict, it was their spicy jellies that made me do a double take and get some samples, even on a very full stomach.

There are several different jelly categories, with top-selling items in each. I failed to jot any notes down at the time, so this is based off what I remember.

Just a sample of what they have
Of course, I took a picture of the spicy jellies!

In the fruit category, I believe it was the Chokecherry that I sampled. Yup, there's such a thing as a chokeberry, and it would be mixed with cherries here. Chokeberries generally have awesome health and nutritional benefits. A bit of tang, a bit of sweet. A great selection here! Available in jelly or jam form!

In the pie/cobbler department, the Mom's Apple Pie jelly is the one to get. Just add crust, and you'd be transported for some good eats. Oh, don't forget that ice cream!

For beer/wine creations, the Dark Porter is amazing. The locally made Black Butte Porter beer comes through, neutralized by the usual sugars you'd add for jellies. If you want your beer fix in the morning, go with this one!

For "flower" jellies, the Lavender is very popular. The flowery aspects of this one made me ponder life pretty good. Eating actual flowers is probably not a good idea, but having its essence in a jelly just plain rules.

Holy Moses, they have chocolate jellies and jams! For the non-spicy lover, Chocolate Raspberry is happy panda-dancing good. Really a great way to celebrate what I'd call a traditional pairing. Both flavors come through and work harmoniously.

But you're reading the notes of a spicy panda! Give me "Hot Chocolate" instead! It reportedly has habaneros, but in very trace amounts. You'll be able to appreciate the chocolate here. Another one I'd consider having every morning!

And then we get to what initially made me stop here: spicy jellies. Fifteen types to choose from (as of this post), each varying in heat intensity. The spiciest option has an appropriate name: Angry Wife. It uses a half-pound of habaneros per batch, countered by a generous helping of fresh organic peaches. Just killer delicious! I really detected the habanero flavor, with that little zip. So if I can taste it, the average person should really get a good jolt. A lovely blend of sweet and heat!

Oh snap, they had BACON jam. You know I had to try it. It sold out quickly, and I'm not surprised. Powerful bacon flavor here, very savory. I'll be honest, it's one that I won't have every day, but I can easily incorporate into certain meals regardless.

They also offer syrups and raw honey options. Very friendly folks, great products, and incredible variety. Check them out at the Portland Saturday Market on SW Ankeny and Naito Parkway.

You can also order from them online! Head to for their full lineup, and like them on Facebook! 8.25/10

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