Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kelly's Jelly

Kelly's Jelly is a food booth located at the Lake Oswego Saturday Market. Co-founders Adam and Kelly Calabria started with a family jelly recipe many years ago. After receiving rave reviews from family and close friends, they went for it and decided to start a business.

They admit this would be called "Great Aunt Dani's Jelly" if "Kelly" didn't so conveniently rhyme with "jelly." I'm glad it worked out the way it did. "Kelly's Jelly" does have an awesome ring to it.

On May 19, Kelly was at the LO Saturday Market. I was doing my usual aimless wandering, and then this booth made me stop. Panda spotted some spicy prey. (I'm talking about the habanero, folks. But Kelly's very beautiful as well!)

The habanero jelly here won a Scovie! It's even featured at Voodoo Doughnut on Thursdays. Yup, even in a doughnut. Kelly had some free samples to hand out: just a cracker, cream cheese, and a little award-winning habanero jelly. And man, that was good. Sweet heat makes the panda happy. Very happy.

You know I'm trying this at some point!
Award-winning habanero jelly!
If habanero's too spicy for you, you can try the milder "Pine-a-Peno" jelly, containing pineapples and jalapenos. It would have a more tropical aura, and the palates that are the most sensitive to spice should be able to detect some heat. My spicy taste buds have been mostly shot to hell anyway.

Pine-a-Peno Jelly is on the middle shelf
Also looks awesome!
Adam and Kelly may do a ghost pepper jelly on some rare occasions. I might have to look for that if I am able to go back for the next Saturday Market.

If you happen to be in the Lake Oswego area, check their booth out! Also, like them on Facebook and visit their website (which also has an online store)! This jelly is a winner! 8.5/10

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