Friday, May 25, 2012

The Sandwich Shop (Part 2)

(UPDATE May 2013: Ian has opened Iggy's Catering and Cafe on Center St., where Off Center Cafe used to be. I'll make it a point to stop by the next time I'm in Salem!)

(NOTE: The Sandwich Shop is now closed, but you can still get Ian's food from Iggy's Catering!)

(Original Review -- March 2012)

After hearing Ian serves Loco Mocos on Wednesdays at The Sandwich Shop, this Hawaii-born panda had to check it out. Turns out I'd get more than just  hamburger patties, rice, and eggs all drenched in gravy.

Knowing I had a gluttonous feast waiting for me, I walked to The Sandwich Shop on a perfect sunny day. Ian pretty much knew what I was after. Must be one of those ESP moments.

But first, a real treat. Ian cooked up some chicken on the Traeger, seasoned with some type of fajita mix. But on the side? Some pineapple habanero sauce. Holy crappity win.

BBQ Chicken (quarter) w/pineapple habanero sauce
(The Sandwich Shop)
You know those Black Friday sales where everyone goes nutso to get their Christmas gifts? The times where people probably would knock over other grandmas just to get to the last sale item? Yeah, now imagine me running everyone over with a bulldozer just to get to this chicken. It fell off the bone so clean. Who cares if it was temperature hot? I'd burn my fingers again to get more. The pineapple habanero sauce was a perfect sweet-heat combo. Unreal. Probably the best chicken I've ever had, and ever will have.

Not long after that, my loco moco arrived. Dark brown gravy coated two hamburger patties, an overeasy egg, a bed of white rice, and two scoops of mac salad. Took me right back home. Comfort food, people. If I didn't have a food video to shoot later that day, I woulda likely eaten two. For $6.50, I'd call this loco moco a damn sweet deal.

Loco Moco
(The Sandwich Shop)
Everything I've had here has been phenomenal. I can't thank Chuck B. enough for telling me about this place. 9.25/10

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