Saturday, June 11, 2011

Agnes' Portuguese Bake Shop

Agnes' Portguese Bake Shop, in Kailua, Hawaii, is a small bakery. Agnes serves all sorts of baked goods, but two of their signature items are their malasadas and their Portuguese sweet bread.

We bypassed the malasadas (roughly 70 cents for one), and got a loaf of their sweet bread for about $3 because my parents were pretty much raving about that sweet bread the entire way. Still a pretty good deal.

Boy, parents won't steer you wrong.

The sweet bread, just by itself, brought smiles to my face. It was just some of the lightest, fluffiest bread I've ever had. The sweetness on the sweet bread was controlled excellently.

Then my mother toasted the sweet bread in the toaster oven and gave me a slice. Can you say foodgasm? Yeah, that was frickin' awesome. I may not eat a lot of bread, but give me some sugar-free jam and I know I could eat at least some of Agnes' sweet bread pretty darn often.

I will trust the locals on Yelp regarding Agnes' malasadas. The overwhelming majority of reviewers rave about those tasty Portuguese doughnuts.

Got that savory-sweet fix? Agnes offers a "sweet dog" -- a hot dog wiener encased in a sweet roll! That's another item you may be hard-pressed to find on the mainland.

Agnes gets a near-perfect score for the bread (trust me, that's a huge compliment), but the rating decreases a bit for the decor. It's not necessarily the place I would want to dine in at. Agnes' Bake Shop is really just your typical dive joint that has that outdated feel to it. But hey, as far as I'm concerned, I'll take some of that sweet bread to go (or even a malasada) and I'll be a happy camper. 8.75/10

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