Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Costco Food Court (Part 2)

(Original Review -- May 2011)

A couple of days after arriving in Hawaii, my father told me one of the Costco locations in Hawaii (the Iwilei location) was serving gelato at a ridiculously cheap price: $1.50 for a three-scoop waffle cone. Naturally, I just had to get it.

I have never seen such a good gelato deal in my life....
 Only three flavors available (two containers for each flavor)
There are three flavors to choose from: Mixed Berry, Pistachio, and Stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate shavings). For $1.50, I got a three-scoop waffle cone, one scoop of each flavor.

Pistachio on top, stracciatella in the middle, mixed berry on the bottom
I personally liked the mixed berry the best. I like my fruit, so the other two flavors were at a huge disadvantage anyway. The stracciatella was next on my list because I love vanilla ice cream of any sort. The pistachio was also quite good.

The waffle cone still held up with a nice crunch, although I have had crunchier waffle cones in the past.

The gelato at the Iwilei Costco was not as creamy as I have gotten at other gelato establishments, but for $1.50, you seriously cannot go wrong here. Even at 3:30 in the afternoon in Hawaii, people were lining up for this tasty treat left and right.

As of this writing, gelato is only sold at certain Costco branches, so if you're fortunate to live near one of those Costcos, go get one of the best gelato deals around! 7.75/10

Update on 7/2/11: Can't believe I missed this the first time around and it's taken so long to do this, but yes, Costco gets a bump up on my food ratings. I only wish gelato was sold at the Salem Costco -- especially during the summer. They would make an absolute killing. If any Oregon Costco serves gelato, please let me know!

NOTE: Costcos in the state of Washington also sell gelato! Win!

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