Monday, June 20, 2011

Anna Miller's Restaurant

Anna Miller's Restaurant (Aiea, HI) is a 24-hour dining establishment. They serve breakfast around the clock, cook up succulent lunch and dinner options, and make decadent desserts.

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I didn't dine in this time around, but I have done so a couple of times in the past. Anna Miller's has a homestyle, welcoming atmosphere, with friendly staff. I've had pleasant experiences with their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu options. The thing is...none of the food really blew me away.

So it's only fitting that a family friend stopped by with Anna Miller's custard pie. And because it's food, you know I can't resist trying it.

A little spice on top of the custard, perhaps?
Look at that know you want some.
I enjoyed the pie. The custard was light and creamy. It looks like there was some nutmeg sprinkled on top, and that worked very well here. My father and I detected a lemony aftertaste in the custard itself. While my dad found it a bit unusual, I liked it.

I will say right now that this pie did not taste as fresh as the custard I had at Royal Garden. Regardless, Anna Miller's pie was very good and still retained that sense of freshness.

Anna Miller's has good food at very reasonable prices -- definitely cheaper than places such as Cinnamon's or Boots & Kimo's. I even prefer Anna Miller's homey atmosphere over Boots & Kimo's. But with respect to the food, Anna Miller's is average at best. It's generally comfort food -- not anything that will make me scream "man, I gotta get this over and over again!" I find Anna Miller's to be a "jack-of-all-trades" restaurant: the chefs there prepare everything decently, but there is nothing very extraordinary.

In short, as of right now, I'll take Anna Miller's as a slight winner over Boots & Kimo's, but both still trail Cinnamon's in the ratings. Anna Miller's has a more peaceful dining atmosphere, better decor, and more affordable prices than Boots & Kimo's. And Anna Miller's is also open 24 hours. If Anna Miller's could really amp up their food or create a real amazing signature dish, I'd give it a higher rating. 6.5/10

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