Thursday, June 9, 2011

Korean BBQ Express

Korean BBQ Express is a Korean food establishment in Ward Warehouse in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Some of the veggie sides you can get
More of the sides. The small container has potato salad, a must-try here.
My family got a BBQ beef plate and a BBQ chicken plate. We skipped the rice and got an extra side per plate.

Each order comes with complementary mandoo (fried potstickers)
The vegetable sides were OK. I personally enjoyed the daikon kimchi (back left corner on the beef plate) and the choy sum (front left of the chicken plate). This kimchi brings a tangy nature from the pickling process, but does not go so overboard as to destroy all the vegetable's freshness. The choy sum was cooked well. It intentionally does not have a lot of seasoning on it to counter the burst of flavors found in the meats and other side dishes.

I did mention in one of the photo captions above that you should try their potato salad. While I did not have it this time around, the boiled potatoes are cut into chunks and combined with seasonings and mayonnaise. I will say it might have too much mayonnaise for some people, but to each his/her own.

Of the two meats, I liked the beef best. The beef had nice flavor and was a bit juicier than the chicken. The chicken was grilled to get those char marks, but it doesn't leave you with that burnt taste in your mouth. However, I felt the chicken was a little dry.

My parents and my grandmother get these two plate lunches frequently and split it among the three of them at dinner time. The two plates total $16 ($8 each), and the three of them can get more than one meal each out of it. Quite economical on food costs, eh?

To me, Korean BBQ Express serves good food at great prices, but it just doesn't blow me away like at other places I've been to. 6/10

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