Friday, June 10, 2011

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is one of several shrimp trucks in Kahuku, Hawaii. Their signature dish, like all the other shrimp trucks, is garlic shrimp (or shrimp scampi, as they call it here).

In continuing our eating adventures, my father and I split a half-order of their famous shrimp scampi ($6.50), and I asked for a side of their hot sauce.

Half-order of garlic shrimp, plus hot sauce in small container
First of all, the portion was pretty darn small for paying $6.50. The shrimp itself was nicely cooked, with a proper amount of garlic (it was in there, but not so much to completely saturate the dish). Garlic still engulfed my mouth long after we had finished this meal.

I felt the hot sauce was a bit of a disappointment. It really just reminded me of hot sauce, plus some red chili pepper flakes. It had a little punch, but it just did not feel homemade or anything of that sort. Giovanni's also serves small shrimp. Come on now, I can get some good jumbo shrimp at a seafood market and make my own (better) garlic shrimp.

To me, the dish is good, just not worth the drive to get it. People can make this dish at home if they wanted to -- and at least those people can go find some huge shrimp in the process. 4.75/10

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