Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bahama Mama's

Bahama Mama's is a food booth that can be found at the Salem Saturday Farmer's Market. They sell Hawaiian "shave ice." Of course, being from Hawaii, I had to stop and try them out.

They generally only have one size; for $3, you get a fairly large portion. I managed to negotiate a little and got a half-portion for $1.50. There were a few flavors, but I went with "Bahama Mama."

This was a nice portion for me. The lady put the proper amount of syrup in my serving. I liked the Bahama Mama syrup. It had hints of coconut in there, basically a pina colada flavor. The ice was shaved pretty fine, and I thought it was a very good attempt at the shave ice I grew up eating.

I did not ask, but I'm pretty sure they get their syrup from hawaiianshavedice.com. They also had the "Tiger's Blood" flavor from that website (basically a watermelon-strawberry taste).

They had a respectable amount of flavors, but I was disappointed that they had no sugar-free flavors on the day I went (when they were advertising that they generally have it). I was told the sugar-free flavors would be available the following week at the next Farmer's Market.

Some suggestions: First, get vanilla ice cream and azuki beans. They said they did not have the equipment to sell it. Um, hello? Ever hear of filling a cooler with tons of ice? No excuses here, friends. Second, have more than one size for sale. I shouldn't have to negotiate for a smaller size for half-price.

A few families stopped by after I got my order. This is definitely a good food booth for a Farmer's Market in the summer. An average to good experience overall, but they should consider the suggestions right above. 5.5/10

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