Tuesday, June 7, 2011

J Gelati Italian Ice

J Gelati Italian Ice, based in Milwaukie, Oregon, sells cool Italian ice and frozen custard treats. They also come to the Salem Saturday Farmer's Market.

After sampling a few Italian ice flavors (blue raspberry, sugar-free lemon, and green apple) and the vanilla custard ice cream, I went with a combo of vanilla custard ice cream and strawberry Italian ice ($3).

The Italian ice was quite good. The woman running the booth mentioned it was water-based and made with real strawberries and sugar (and maybe some other ingredients). It did remind me a little of Maui guri-guri (look it up if you don't know what that is).

The vanilla custard ice cream was delicious. Vanilla flavor was front and center. It was very creamy and quite rich. This is a nice treat for a hot June day. Not a bad portion for $3.

I went back to get a napkin, but the woman immediately pulled me aside and asked why I was taking pictures. When I mentioned it was for my food blog, she seemed quite relieved and mentioned some stalker in her life. I apologized to her at the booth (and I apologize again in this blog post), but ma'am, please keep your personal life to yourself. I certainly did not need to hear that stuff about your life and frankly got a bit offended that you would question me about picture-taking in a public location. People can seriously be so paranoid. Again, take a chill pill and enjoy your life.

Anyway, I had been dying to try J Gelati's product for a while, and I was satisfied with the product. It was good, just not mind-blowing. 5.75/10

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