Friday, June 10, 2011

Tanioka's Seafoods and Catering

(Please also read Part 2 -- December 2011)

Tanioka's Seafoods and Catering, located in Waipahu, Hawaii, serves up various seafood side dishes and plate lunches.

Having had their spicy ahi tuna with sushi rice several times (a dish that I feel is quite average), I went with a half-pound order of spicy marlin poke this time ($12.99/lb).

Just some of their poke ("po-kay"; fish cut into cubes, combined w/veggies and seasoned)

The marlin was good, but again, it's just a dish that doesn't make me scream "wow." There's really no big-time heat to speak of, nor is there anything glamorous about the dish (besides it being marlin).

The spicy sauce is probably a mixture of sriracha hot sauce and mayonnaise (as it usually is at many places). When sriracha combines with something creamy, the heat (if any) may decrease. If it's advertised as spicy, make it real spicy, that's what I always say.

Roughly $6.50 for a half-pound? Considering I scarfed that spicy marlin down in about five minutes -- and was still hungry after that -- probably not the best bang for your buck. But eh, it's fish, what do you expect?

On more positive notes, I thought the spicy sauce-to-fish ratio was spot-on. Very good seasoning on the fish and in the spicy sauce. I also appreciated the red tobiko (flying fish roe) here to add an extra crunchy dimension. The tobiko, in my opinion, elevates this dish above Tanioka's average spicy ahi tuna (which had no tobiko the last time I checked). This is yet another slightly above-average spicy fish option here for me to speak of. I'm still searching for that ideal spicy seafood destination!

As a food establishment, Tanioka's gets extra points from me for having all sorts of seafood choices (especially the poke) and other wonderful snacks. Tanioka's is always busy and has provided quality service each time I've gone. It's a good place to go, but I feel there are better out there.

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