Thursday, June 9, 2011

Liliha Bakery

Liliha Bakery, located on N Kuakini St. in Honolulu, is widely regarded as one of the premier bakeries in Hawaii. Liliha Bakery also serves a good breakfast and brunch, but the desserts are where it's at here.

Liliha Bakery's signature item? The coco puff. My father and I got a couple of coco puffs and a haupia malasada. For those that don't know, a malasada is a Portuguese doughnut -- and this one happens to be filled with haupia cream (made with coconut milk).

Some of the cream puffs.
Vanilla (top left), chocolate (top right), green tea (bottom left), coco (bottom right shelf)

Liliha Bakery sells coco puffs by the box as well!

Haupia malasada + two coco puffs = epic win
I can see why the coco puff is Liliha Bakery's signature item. In fact, Liliha bakery states on their website that they can sell between 4,800 and 7,200 coco puffs per day. The coco puff was absolutely delicious. The puff itself was soft and just the proper consistency. The chocolate cream in the center is not overly sweet, and while it has a bit of heaviness to it, it took a lot to move on to the next dessert.

I also loved the haupia malasada. As a proper malasada should be, the doughnut itself was light and very sugary. I also enjoyed the mass amount of haupia cream filling inside the pastry. The coconut cream itself again was sweet, but did not overwhelm my taste buds (heck, the mass sugar on the doughnut will help take care of that anyway).

Will I be a regular here? Probably not (places mainly selling desserts/pastries -- or are at least predominantly known for such foods -- have that disadvantage on my rating scale). But I'd come back again, that's for sure.

If you are ever in Honolulu, be sure to hit up Liliha Bakery to get their coco puff and other assorted desserts. You will not be disappointed. And tell all your friends go with you! 8.25/10

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