Wednesday, June 1, 2011

King's Wings

King's Wings is a food cart located in SE Portland. They can be found in the food cart "pod" near SE Division and SE 50th St. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of their food cart. Not surprisingly, King's Wings serves...chicken wings here! There are also several different sauces and seasonings to choose from.

No food cart picture, but here's their menu (click to enlarge)
My timing was spot-on again. I arrived at King's Wings just before they opened, and there was no line. I got six wings ($4.50), half with "Lava" sauce and half with "Extreme" sauce. The Extreme sauce has habanero peppers in there.

Lava wings on the left, Extreme wings on the right
The woman running the food cart, Shana (hopefully that is the correct spelling), was kind enough to let me sample both the Lava sauce and the Extreme sauce. I spoke with her for a bit. She was extremely friendly and gave me more info on other great food carts in Portland.

The Lava sauce is basically a traditional buffalo wing sauce, in my opinion. But I preferred the Extreme sauce; it was a perfect balance of sweet and heat here. The mix of habanero peppers and honey gave an ideal "sweet and heat" combination for my taste buds.

The wings (fresh chicken wings, NOT frozen!) were cooked to order, so I got fresh, temperature-hot wings right out of the fryer. The wings were then put into a pitcher. The sauce was added in, and then the pitcher is shaken around to evenly coat each wing. See what I just wrote in this paragraph? This is the reason why King's Wings gets a very favorable rating from me.

Food carts are not known for their in-house dining experience (so that does not apply here).

I think the six wings were worth $4.50 and then some. This is why you hit up the Portland food carts. You can get excellent food at a great price. Considering that I love fresh, hot chicken wings and spice, this food cart is a gold mine to me. 8.5/10

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