Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beard Papa's

Beard Papa's, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, is known for their cream puffs and other decadent desserts.

Overcome with a dessert craving -- and because I wanted to buy my grandmother something sweet to eat -- I ordered a vanilla cream puff ($1.75) and a slice of red velvet bread pudding ($3.25).

Original vanilla cream puff (back left)
Red velvet bread pudding (back right)
Icing for bread pudding (container in front)
The cream puff was very good. According to Beard Papa's website, their cream puffs are one-of-a-kind: a choux pastry shell on the inside and a pie crust outer layer. I enjoyed the texture from the pie crust because it gave the cream puff a sturdier layer to contain the custard. The cream puff pastry was properly refrigerated to ensure it does not crumble in the person's hands.The vanilla custard cream filling the puff's inside was quite light in the stomach...impressive.

The red velvet bread pudding was also very light and delicious. I have never seen such a dessert at any other place and thought it was great originality. I appreciated that Beard Papa's keeps the icing separate so that the person eating the bread pudding can add however much he/she wants. The icing was also packed with nice flavor, but after a while, I can see how the icing will just become too sweet for the average human being to handle.

I went to the Ala Moana Beard Papa's (inside Foodland there). I may get concerned about the prices at such a touristy location. I'm generally not one to eat a lot of cream puffs, but if you are a "cream puff-aholic" and can simply enjoy the food, Beard Papa's may just become one of your favorite dessert/snack places. 6.5/10

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