Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taqueria El Caminante

Taqueria El Caminante is a food truck located in the Capital Market parking lot (corner of State St. and 14th St.) in Salem, Oregon.

That $5 combo for three tacos (w/rice and beans) on the left looks like a damn good deal

I had passed by this place several times, and after a fellow food reviewer wrote about his great experience here, I decided to check it out for myself. Taqueria El Caminante has a pretty large food menu. A lot of different meats, a bunch of traditional Mexican food. Heck, the food truck is run by Mexicans. One of the women I spoke with barely speaks any English, and I'll  take that as a good thing.

Anyway, I decided on a chicken taco ($1.50). I waited a few minutes while my taco was made to order (did I mention how I love when food is made to order?). I ate it right there on the counter by the food truck.

The taco was quite delicious. The tortilla was warm and steamed quite nicely. It was prepared to be ideally eaten right away.

It was a lot of chicken/other stuff compared to the small tortilla. The chicken was moist, the steamed tortilla was warm, and the herbs/vegetables were fresh. I liked the bite of the cilantro and the red onion mixed with the chicken and hot sauce. It works well for a burst of flavor. I didn't see the guacamole at first, but upon second glance at my pictures, it was hidden inside all the chicken, veggies, and hot sauce.

I also loved the pickled chili pepper (looked like a pickled serrano) because it brought some more heat to the taco. The pickled vegetables (looked to be radishes and carrots) were fine, but I felt they were best eaten as a side dish instead of in the taco. After all, I didn't want too many flavors in one small taco.

My meal was well worth the $1.50 I paid. Can't really beat the prices (and perhaps even the quality of food) at the food carts these days. Perhaps I should learn some Spanish so I can actually communicate better with some of the staff in there. 7.75/10

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