Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sugoi is a Japanese/Hawaiian restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii.

After all the decadent or fatty foods I had eaten on previous days, I wanted something a bit healthier this time around. My awesome father went out of his way to buy me a mini spicy garlic ahi tuna plate, with brown rice and tossed salad (about $7).

That's a pretty nice portion for a mini plate.

I loved the garlic ahi here. The garlic really came through on the fish, but it was still controlled enough to allow me to appreciate the ahi.

But it was the spicy sauce really elevated this dish to the next level. It had a nice heat to it without burning my mouth. The vegetables were fresh and the brown rice was perfectly cooked. I also appreciated the sauce and salad dressing put on the side.

While Sugoi's plate lunches usually come with white rice and macaroni salad, brown rice and tossed salad can be substituted for no added cost. That, to me, is a huge positive.

I'm also happy that Sugoi offers a spicy garlic chicken option. That would probably be my other choice if I overdosed on fish.

Perhaps the only criticism I can think of right now is that I prefer my tuna seared rare (if cooked at all). This fish was cooked all the way through -- but I can't be too harsh on them because the ahi was still moist and flavorful. Seven bucks for a mini plate may be pushing it, but I did get a healthy portion, so again, the positives and negatives cancel out.

It's actually too bad that I now live in Oregon, because this is a healthy meal that I could eat just about every day of my life. "Sugoi" means "wow" or "amazing" in Japanese, and they certainly live up to their name! 8.5/10

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