Monday, June 6, 2011

Chicken Bar

Chicken Bar (otherwise known as The Original Chicken Bar) is located in the Beaverton Town Square in Beaverton, Oregon. They only serve chicken breast meat with a choice of white rice, brown rice, or vegetables. Chicken Bar also offers 5-6 different sauces.

I thought this was a cool photo I snapped.
It almost looks like God is blessing Beaverton Town Square.

Female employee cooking up some chicken
I should have snapped a better photo of the menu
Too many pictures on the wall! Argh!
Right away, I did not like the number of pictures on the wall. The place basically resembled a sports bar, but hey, it is a chicken bar, right? Regardless, I'm not a fan of the decor.

I went with a half-sized portion of chicken and brown rice for about $6. I asked for some of the smoky BBQ sauce on the side.

Holy crap, that is WAY too much rice for the amount of chicken I received. The proportions are so far off, it's bloody ridiculous. I personally was expecting a smaller plate with less rice.

The chicken was quite dry, but at least it was cooked through (don't mess with chicken). The brown rice, to me, was also a bit dry, so I'm unsure if the staff gave the rice enough water.

The sauce was the best part of the meal, but again, that's not saying very much. It balanced a smoky flavor and a sweet tang, but it's really just another BBQ sauce to me.

Chicken Bar offers a smoky BBQ and a sweeter BBQ sauce. The problem...I tasted both and they both taste the same. Even the employees admitted they taste the same. What gives?

Chicken Bar gets props from me for their healthy menu options (brown rice, vegetables, all-white meat, etc.). Unfortunately, I don't think the food quality/presentation and the decor are that great. The food is also overpriced...$6 or so for chicken and rice?! I could get a better chicken meal at a food cart. This is not the place for me. 1.25/10

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