Friday, June 10, 2011

Matsumoto Shave Ice

Matsumoto Shave Ice, perhaps the most popular shave ice place in Hawaii, is located in Hale'iwa, Oahu.


T-shirts, anyone?
More T-shirts!
Yup, even more T-shirts....
In our third food trip of the day, my father and I each got a small shave ice. My dad got a small strawberry shave ice with azuki beans (sweet beans), while I opted for a small sugar-free "rainbow" shave ice (strawberry, banana, blue vanilla) with vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry shave ice w/azuki beans for Dad
Small sugar-free rainbow w/vanilla ice cream
Felt like taking a better shot of all the rainbow colors after eating half of it
First of all, yes, there was a line of people waiting to order, and there were also a bunch of people sitting outside eating their shave ice. They are very popular, folks. My dad and I went around lunchtime, and even though shave ice is not considered lunch, that doesn't stop the people from coming on down. A bunch had just come from the beach.

Anyway, the shave ice was good for what it was, but was not the greatest I've ever had. To me, the shave ice has to be finely shaved, to the point where the ice literally melts in your mouth. The shave ice here was grainy and needed to be chewed a bit before swallowing. I know that there are people who probably prefer the grainy ice over the finely shaved ice, and will definitely say Matsumoto's is the best they've had. Let the debate begin!

My dad and I have the same tastes on shave ice, and both of us really just gave Matsumoto's an average rating. While we probably will head elsewhere for this cool, tasty treat, this should not stop you from going to Matsumoto's to check out their signature item for yourself. 5/10

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