Thursday, June 23, 2011

Da Kitchen

Da Kitchen is located on Isenberg Street in Honolulu, Hawaii (near Puck's Alley and the University of Hawaii at Manoa).

Just thought this was cool to take a picture of
My father and I arrived five minutes before 11 a.m. for lunch. While waiting for the place to open, a few more people showed up.

Specials for June 20, 2011
We came for one thing: the signature Fried Spam Musubi ($4.95). Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, my father got a garden burger ($7.50) and I got a Maui garden salad with their papaya seed dressing ($8.25).

Fried spam musubi (signature menu item)
Maui Garden Salad w/Papaya Seed Dressing
Garden Burger
A ton of food here folks. I guess my eyes were way too big for my stomach.

Personally, the fried spam musubi was not that great. It was just too big and too oily for me. I do appreciate the crunchy exterior (this is how fried items should be) and the properly cooked rice, but I probably won't order this again.

The salad was nice and refreshing. Fresh veggies here. I liked the papaya seed dressing; good sweetness and a little tang here. But again, not too much to write home about.

I liked the flavors of the actual garden burger, along with the texture of the brown rice in the patty. But for $7.50, the garden burger was quite pedestrian-looking. The macaroni salad lacked the peppery bite I wanted, and overloaded on the hard-boiled eggs.

Da Kitchen has a pretty good reputation; the people really started piling in while we were there. But both my father and I did not care much for this place. Perhaps we should have ordered different menu items, but we were not impressed with the food. The decor could have been a little better overall as well, and a bit more lighting would have been nice. 3/10

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