Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waffle Window

The Waffle Window is quite literally, a window where you order your waffles from. Just look for the Bread & Ink Cafe on SE 36th Street and SE Hawthorne. Waffle Window is on the side.

Bread & Ink Cafe
There's the Waffle Window!

Originally, I was just going to get a simple liege waffle. However, my eyes grew big upon seeing the specials. I wanted to try their Rose City Waffle special, a Belgian waffle topped with rose creme, fresh strawberries, rhubarb sauce, and whip cream.

Rose City waffle
(The rose creme is the pinkish creme in the center of the whip cream)
First of all, the waffle was cooked to order and delicious. The outside was firm, the inside fluffy and light. The strawberries are in season right now, giving a sweet, fresh feel to the dish -- along with nice color and texture contrasts. The whip cream was spot-on and the rhubarb sauce is a classic combination with strawberries (and anything that resembles a dessert).

I was the most intrigued by the rose creme -- and it was just amazing. From the first taste, your mind just instantly thinks...that's the flower right there. I've looked online for recipes for rose creme, and I'm quite certain they either use rose water, actual rose petals (which are then fished out), or a combination of both to make the creme. The pink color is gorgeous when combined with the browned waffle background and put in the center of a white whip cream topping. The strawberries and the rhubarb sauce also are arranged beautifully for a gourmet-like presentation.

Oh, did I mention this came from a damn window? Yeah, this was impressive.

Waffle Window doesn't stop with the specials. They have lovely savory and sweet waffle options. You can also get a liege waffle for $2 -- and a chocolate-dipped liege waffle for $3. Shana from King's Wings raved about the "Three Bs" savory waffle ($4), a Belgian waffle topped with bacon, brie cheese, and fresh basil (and then that is all topped with peach jam). You really can't go wrong with this place and that price.

Waffles are meant to be eaten right away, especially if you put toppings on it. Don't complain that your loaded waffle was soggy if you get the food fresh and then only eat it five hours later.

The scrumptious savory options and the amazing specials are the two reasons Waffle Window gets a far superior rating than BelgiQue. But hey, check BelgiQue out anyway because they're still great. I'm also giving points to Waffle Window for their unique dishes and the lovely presentation of the food.

I received prompt service at Waffle Window and the food was delicious. Waffle Window has a lovely array of delicious menu options. This means a outstanding score all around. Hell, if I had to nitpick, I don't care for the outdoors bench seating (I didn't get a picture of that, but it's really just some old-looking park benches). Anyway, check this place The fact that you can eat waffles for breakfast, lunch, or even a dessert? I love that! 9.25/10

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