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(Second Review -- February 2012)
(Third Review -- April 2012)

PBJ's, located on NW 23rd Ave. in Portland, Oregon, puts a unique take on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They serve various savory and sweet sandwiches, using their homemade peanut butter or almond butter (both are secret recipes).

I love it when families bring their children to such a place!
PBJ's offers several sandwiches, ranging from the classic PB&J (for the kids) to the unique versions that the more mature palette may be tempted to try.

When adorable little girls rave about this place, you know it must be good 

Seeking a more savory sandwich, I basically narrowed my choices to the Spicy Thai, Betty, or Hot Hood (although I really wanted to try them all or make my own). I went with the Spicy Thai ($5.50), which consists of orange marmalade, fresh basil, sriracha, curry powder, and PBJ's homemade peanut butter encased in grilled Challah bread.

Spicy Thai
From the first bite, my taste buds went into overdrive. The spice from the curry powder; the savoriness/nuttiness of the peanut butter; the heat from the sriracha; and the sweet/bitter contrasts of the orange marmalade basically tickled every single taste one can imagine. Everything surprisingly works for me here.

The two women running PBJ's let me sample their homemade almond butter. The almond butter has a salty kick at the end. I'd prefer the peanut butter over the almond butter if there was no sandwich or other condiments present, but the almond butter can really pair well with something savory or sweet.

I should have asked if a customer can customize his/her own sandwich, choosing from a set list. That could really attract more people. And being in a busy section of Portland, they could sell more food, which could mean more revenue!

The two women running PBJ's are extremely friendly, perhaps two of the nicest people I've met on my food adventures so far. I always say that great staff gets people to return, and this is no exception. I had an awesome experience here, and I urge all of you to hit this place up for a unique twist to the classic PB&J!

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