Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bagel and Box

Bagel and Box, owned by the same great people running Flavour Spot, is located next door to Flavour Spot's N Fremont cart in Portland, Oregon. The red trailer from Flavour Spot's Old Town (downtown Portland) location has been transformed into a bagel operation.

Bagel and Box opened on October 1, 2011, and I was there for their opening day. A limited menu was offered, mainly because they had no working generator and worked off of battery-powered equipment instead.

Bagel and Box on 10/1/11 (opening day)
Still with the Flavour Spot lettering on the cart

Opening day menu
Their planned menu after opening day looks promising!
I went with a simple order here: a pumpernickel bagel with their smoked salmon salad ($5.50): Alaskan smoked salmon blended with cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onions on a Kettleman's pumpernickel bagel. It was served sandwich style, wrapped tight in aluminum foil.

Pumpernickel bagel with smoked salmon salad spread (Bagel and Box)

The creamy, savory salmon spread was spot on. The crunchy cucumber, fresh tomato, and bite of the red onion added refreshing flavors and textural contrasts. A great bagel sandwich here. I do think $5.50 is pushing it for a bagel with salmon spread and sliced fresh veggies. I love the crunch of a perfectly toasted bagel, and Markus (the cart operator on opening day) did a great job there.

It should be exciting to see how Bagel and Box does. They will keep offering various bagel sandwiches, as well as fresh fruit and smoothies. For now, I'd give Bagel and Box a solid thumbs up. 7/10

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