Friday, October 14, 2011

Bunk Sandwiches

Bunk Sandwiches is located on SE Morrison St. in Portland, Oregon. Tommy Habetz and Nick Wood team up to bring an array of sandwich offerings to their customers!

Menu in the background (as of late September 2011)
I walked in the front door and my mind instantly thought of one of those vintage diners, sans the music. From the diner counter to the checkered tile floors, I felt like I was in a cramped "Arnold's" on the set of "Happy Days." The entire menu is also written on a large chalkboard near the ordering counter. A steady stream of customers filed into Bunk to order their food. With a largely packed establishment already at peak lunch hour, this place is doing quite well for itself.

They have an array of sandwich choices here. I went with the pulled pork sandwich ($8): pulled pork, apple-cabbage slaw, pickles, and stone ground mustard inside a poppy-seed burger bun. All orders come with a side of kettle chips (which I did not take a picture of).

Pulled pork sandwich with apple-cabbage slaw, pickles, and stone ground mustard
(Bunk Sandwiches)
Getting a shot of the cross-section

A nice portion of juicy, flavorful pulled pork in this one. Every time I bit into the sandwich, the pork tried to escape, but nothing gets past my voracious appetite. A little bit of pickle in there dished out some tang on the palate. I thought the stone ground mustard was an excellent choice. The army of mustard seeds made my eyes do a double-take: "Is that mustard seeds? Awesome!"

The bun was firm and had a lovely crunch from the toasting process. However, I found it a bit dense for my liking. It's also something about poppy seeds that interests me a great deal -- and not because you can get a positive drug test result from consuming too much of it.

The slaw was fine, but there wasn't much of it. Furthermore, I did not catch much apple in there, not in flavor or texture. Finally, that was one small $8 sandwich. A larger portion would be nice.

Overall, Bunk made a nice first impression on two fronts: good food and a packed house. I would love to try some of their other creations in the future.

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