Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cadillac Cafe

Cadillac Cafe is located on NE Broadway in Portland, Oregon.

Cadillac Cafe is a place I'd like to dine at. It feels (and is) quite spacious. It's also very contemporary, with a bright setting. I walked in on a Saturday morning, and, as expected, still a pretty full house at the tail end of breakfast time.

I went with a take-out order of one of Cadillac's specialties: their Hazelnut French Toast Breakfast ($9.75): two slices of their French custard toast topped with roasted hazelnuts, served with one egg and a choice of ham, bacon, or chicken apple sausage. I chose sausage and requested my egg cooked overeasy.

Just part of their breakfast menu (as of October 2011)
Hazelnut French Custard Toast Breakfast with chicken apple sausage and overeasy egg
(Cadillac Cafe) 

I initially enjoyed the blast of nutmeg and roasted hazelnut bliss on the French toast, but after maybe two or three big bites, I reached for that syrup to neutralize everything. I try to avoid syrup or other sweeteners whenever possible, but it couldn't be done here.A very nice portion here. The egg was perfectly cooked. As for the sausage, that was my favorite was cooked well and gave a much-needed salty-savory aspect to the dish. The French toast was OK, but not mind-blowing.

While waiting for my order, I saw Cadillac's fresh-baked muffin for the day: Raspberry Ginger -- fittingly surrounded by some Cadillacs.

Cadillac Cafe offers various breakfast and lunch options. Other breakfast specialties include their Cajun Catfish ($10.25): "A fresh fillet quick fried with a crisp herb and spice cornmeal crust. Served on a bed of fresh spinach with two eggs, Cadillac potatoes and toast." At lunchtime, options include the Original Cadillac Burger ($9.95), the Mole' Chicken Enchiladas ($9.95), and the Chicken Agliata ($8.95). Maybe you're craving a milkshake, smoothie, or something alcoholic? Cadillac Cafe has you covered there as well.

Cadillac Cafe is a great sit-down restaurant to get a nice meal. And sure, get a drink while you're at it! 6/10

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