Saturday, October 22, 2011

Breakfast at Valerie's

Breakfast at Valerie's is located on SE Chkalov Drive in Vancouver, Washington, very close to I-205. t's in the corner of a row of businesses, so it could be easy to overshoot the place. The place opened in late August 2011, so it's still fairly new to the Couve.

Valerie's had only been in business for about six weeks when I went

Upon entering on a weekday a bit past 10 a.m., I encountered a bright, inviting, and spacious atmosphere. Not a lot of people at this time, obviously, but still a handful of people at a non-peak meal hour -- an encouraging.sign. I took a seat near the entrance.

After a new minutes, I ordered the Perfect Breakfast ($8.25), where you get to pick four items: meat, potatoes, bread (includes pancakes and waffles here), and eggs. I settled on a ham steak, shredded hash browns, pancakes (two of them in my order), and two overeasy eggs.

"Perfect Breakfast" and "All-American Breakfast" offerings
Ham steak, shredded hash browns, and two overeasy eggs
Two generous-sized pancakes with butter
The food arrived after a few minutes. Huge portions here, folks! I mentioned to my server to get a box ready (I didn't mention I was heading to other food places in the area that day).

My first order of business: slice into the eggs. That runny yolk oozed all over the hash browns and ham, perfectly cooked. A classic combination pairing the eggs with a thick, juicy ham steak. A hearty way to start the day. The hash browns were browned on the outside, soft on the inside. Maybe a little more cooking of the hash browns on the flattop would have been nice, but still a great job there.

I turned my attention to the pancakes. Two fairly large pancakes stared at me, just waiting to be eaten. The cakes were a little chewy and rubbery, but still very good with a little butter and maple syrup. I placed one pancake in my to-go box, but then ended up eating that before exiting Washington. So technically, I had zero leftovers.

Not in the mood for a Perfect Breakfast? You can get various versions of The Little Breakfast, a smaller version of the Perfect Breakfast. Prefer more starch? You can get some pancakes, waffles, or cinnamon French toast.

Or maybe eggs are more your thing? They generally do generous skillets, scrambles, and six-egg omelets. Their taco omelet ($9.95) is their largest omelet, a whopping 10-egg mass of awesomeness!

Their taco omelet uses TEN eggs...the other omelets have six eggs

This was a killer deal at under $9. I wish I was a bit closer to Valerie's. They got so many more items I'd like to try!

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