Monday, October 24, 2011

Green Castle Pod Closing

Food Carts Portland and Viking Soul Food both announced that the Green Castle Food pod will be closing effective October 31, 2011. Apparently, the owners of the lot could not work out regulations with the city to allow food carts on the lot.

Also, some people on Food Cart Portland's Facebook page stated that allegedly, at least two people had voiced concerns about not wanting the Green Castle pod, and now it's closing. I hope those people are happy that a nice place to get food has shut down.

UPDATE (10/25/11 @ 1:10 p.m.): Another FCP follower has shed more light on the subject, stating that the Green Castle pod owner did not get the proper permits to begin with, and would have paid significant fines had he kept the pod open during that time.

UPDATE (10/25/11 @ 6:17 p.m.): Food Carts Portland posted a link to the land use review decision. It's extremely detailed, to say the least. Basically, the food pod was in a zoned residential area, and the admin panel denied a request for a Nonconforming Situation Review allowing the area to operate as a food pod, citing that "the proposal for a food court will lessen the residential character of the residentially zoned area."

Regarding cart relocation, as of right now, I have learned the following:

Burger Guild will be moving to A La Carts Food Pod on SE 50th and Ivon
Gaufre Gourmet will be moving downtown to SW 9th and Alder
Viking Soul Food will be moving to the Good Food Here pod on 43rd and Belmont
Sushi PDX will also be moving to the Good Food Here pod
We Be Wieners has moved to SW 5th and Harrison (near Portland State University)

At this time, it's unknown where other carts will go to, but it's a sad day for a "cartivore" like myself. Stay tuned on Food Carts Portland for the latest.

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