Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cool Harry's Frozen Yogurt

(NOTE: There is a part 2, posted May 2012)

Cool Harry's Frozen Yogurt is located at the corner of SW 10th and Alder in downtown Portland, Oregon. Open since (roughly) February 2010, Cool Harry's has graced Portland with generous portions of this light, guilt-free treat. Cool Harry's is a seasonal cart that closes for the winter months.

Menu (late October 2011)
I ordered a "way small" Triple Berry yogurt ($2.50). To my surprise, a small mountain of yogurt awaited me. Now I shudder to think what the "Super Large" size is like.

Triple Berry frozen yogurt ("way small" size)
Wait, this is the SMALLEST size? I shudder to think what the Super Large is like....
I really liked this yogurt. A slight tangy sensation combines with a hint of berry for a balanced, light treat. Unlike some other FroYo places I've been to, this frozen yogurt kept its shape instead of collapsing to some goopy mess.

Cool Harry's runs promotions on Facebook where you can get free toppings, usually upon saying a secret phrase. While I didn't get any toppings this time, I'm glad to see the toppings are generally on the healthier side...none of these hot fudge, candy bar pieces, etc.

Cool Harry's offers just a couple of flavors, rotating different flavors every so often. While brick-and-mortar places may offer more flavors, we're talking about a food cart here, so I couldn't possibly expect them to have 10-15 flavors in such a small space.

I'm a fan of this place. Just simple, honest, proper frozen yogurt. Be sure to check them out this week, before they go on hiatus for the winter!

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