Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grub Shack Baby! (Part 2)

(NOTE: Grub Shack officially closed in June 2012)

(Original Review -- August 2011)
(Third Review -- February 2012)

I went back to Grub Shack Baby a couple weeks ago, eager to try one of their lunch specials.

On the day I went, they had a $5 Korean chicken stir fry special: a very generous portion of chicken and mixed vegetables (carrots, celery, white onion, baby corn, etc.) in an Asian sauce -- consisting of ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sugar, serrano chiles, and vinegar. The seasoned chicken and vegetables are heaped over a bed of rice, topped with white sesame seeds and fresh diced green onions.

Korean chicken with assorted stir-fried vegetables
So beautiful, it's worth a second photo!
I'll be straight to the point: I'm increasing my rating of Grub Shack.

This may be the best $5 deal in Salem, just an enormous amount of food for the price. More importantly, the meal was delicious. The vegetables were stir fried perfectly, the chicken juicy and tender. The Asian sauce blanketed everything with a lovely balance of salty (soy sauce), sweet (sugar), sour (vinegar), and spice that the majority of consumers would probably enjoy. In general, Asian sauces can bring very bold flavors, and this was no exception. I would have liked even more spice in my meal, but taste is more important. Grub Shack passed that with flying colors.

I originally planned to eat my meal at home, but I finished the mountain of food at the truck in about 10 minutes. Mac and Marilyn are awesome people to talk to, and I'll definitely be returning for more of their specials!

This amazing meal gave me a huge food coma -- and I still had two classes to attend later that day and a midterm to study for. But I had no regrets. Check out Grub Shack...their food cart is currently located in the Capitol Group Autoplex on Mission St.!

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