Sunday, October 2, 2011


(NOTE: Please also read part 2, posted in January 2012)

Yolk is located in the Joinery parking lot near the corner of SE 48th and Woodstock in Portland, Oregon. Here, you can get sandwiches and hash dishes involving eggs. They opened in early September 2011, still fairly new to the Portland food cart scene as of the time of this entry.

Yolk is the offspring of the people at Toast: A Neighborhood Restaurant. Some of the specialties here include a breakfast sandwich ($4) and "The Breakfast" ($10). The latter is really a chef's choice of what is available that substitutions, no options. Definitely a choice for a hungry, adventurous food eater.

I got the "Mary HAD a Little Lamb" ($9): ground lamb over diced roasted potatoes, braised greens, and squash, tossed with mint and topped with a sunny-side-up duck egg.

Mary HAD a Little Lamb (Yolk)

The egg was perfectly cooked. When I broke that yolk, the custardy texture happily raced across the lamb, potatoes, and greens. I detected curry-like spices in this one, perhaps some cumin and turmeric, which surprised me just a bit (since it wasn't advertised on the menu description). The potatoes were just on the correct side of cooked.

Unfortunately, the entire meal needed more salt. The dish overall -- especially the ground lamb -- was largely bland. The greens lost their vibrant color and did not contribute much to my experience. Perhaps some red bell pepper could have worked here for flavor, texture, and presentation. Also, I'll be sure to add hot sauce to the meal next time. Not the best of experiences this time around, but perhaps I caught them on an off-day. Also, as stated earlier, they are still relatively new, so I may be more willing to give them another shot.

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