Sunday, October 16, 2011


Philly's is located in the Q-19 food pod near NW 19th and Quimby in Portland, Oregon.

(Yeah, the sun didn't make this too glamorous a shot)

Lunch menu (as of late September 2011)
I arrived for lunch and ordered their Philly cheesesteak sandwich ($6.75): thinly sliced cooked meat, topped with grilled onions, peppers, pepperoncinis, and melted provolone in a lightly toasted roll. I got a free side of Philly's habanero salsa with my meal.

Philly cheesesteak (Philly's)

Overall here, a decent sandwich. The thin beef slices did not put up much of a fight with my mighty jaw. However, I will say some slices were cooked more than others, so it wasn't quite a consistent experience all the way through the meal. The grilled onions gave the sandwich great flavor and the bell peppers had a wonderful crunch for some texture contrast. The melted provolone brought this cheesesteak together. Finally, I liked that the bun was lightly toasted; it just enhances the textural and flavor components that much more.

On the day I went, he unfortunately didn't have cheese whiz. I know I'd have gotten that as well if he had some.

And just for the heck of it, I channeled my inner "manimal" and savagely attacked the pepperoncinis by themselves. Yeah, I know it's not spicy, but it was fun doing it. The habanero salsa had a pureed consistency. Not a ton of heat (in fact, very mild for me), and it paired well with the cheesesteak here.

Can't wait for lunch? No problem...Philly's opens for breakfast around 9 a.m. The menu items at breakfast include omelets ($7.75), breakfast burritos ($7.75), and quesadillas ($6.75).

Or maybe it's lunchtime and you're not in the mood for a cheesesteak? Philly's also offers meatball sandwiches ($6.50) and Italian sausage sandwiches ($6.25). You can even customize the sandwich with a myriad of combinations, including bacon, sausage, ham, chicken, avocado, tomato, even habanero salsa!

The guy running the cart is very friendly. I got that "I'm-content-and-loving-every-minute-of-this" vibe from him. Check out Philly's to get your appetite satisfied! 7/10

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