Thursday, October 6, 2011


(NOTE: Please also read part 2, posted January 2012)

Tabor is a Czech food cart located in downtown Portland, Oregon, near the corner of 5th and Stark. They are one of Portland's  longest-running food carts, and home to the Schnitzelwich.

Obviusly, I just had to get the Schnitzelwich to see what it was all about. A small line had formed by the time I got there at peak lunch hour. As several people that already ordered started receiving their Schnitzelwiches, I saw the sheer majesty and grandeur of a full-pound breaded pork loin (or chicken breast) inside a Grand Central Bakery ciabatta roll with Romaine lettuce, red pepper spread, and horseradish sauce.

Because of my habit to hit up multiple food carts, I was pleased to see Tabor had a 1/2 Schnitzelwich option for $5 (the regular is $8). I got a half pork schnitzelwich this time, and the friendly woman taking orders said it would be about 10-15 minutes.

As I waited for my food, more people flocked to Tabor. This food cart has an excellent following, and because they are located in busy downtown Portland, they can expect a lot of revenue. Twenty minutes after placing my order, my Schnitzelwich was ready.

Half-order of their Schnitzelwich (Tabor)
I could taste the succulent pork under a relatively thin layer of breading. The batter and pork were seasoned well, the horseradish mayo and the red pepper spread adding subtle dimensions to the sandwich. While the food was good, I would have liked to get bolder flavor in this one. I think after waiting about 20 minutes for my food, I held higher expectations. "Would it be worth the wait?" constantly churned through my thoughts. Ultimately, I didn't feel it was worth the wait for a Schnitzelwich (let alone pay for half of one), but if a lot of people love it, then Tabor will do just fine.

And after all, this doesn't spell the death knell for Tabor in my review anyway. I heard wonderful comments on their goulash, so that could be another option for next time. For now, Tabor is a good food cart to check out. It's just not the first place I'd go to for a sandwich.

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