Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof

(Second Review -- December 2011; great experience!)

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof, located at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon, serves breakfast baked goods, pastries, and desserts. A nice take on the classic Tennessee Williams play ("Cat on a Hot Tin Roof").

This cart is also a newbie to the food cart scene, having opened about a month or two ago. They want their customers to "Eat Dessert First!"

Menu (as of early October 2011)
Their hours (as of early October 2011)
Cake on a Hot Tin Roof offers over 20 different desserts, from scones ($3) to creme brulee ($3). My friend loves chocolate mousse ($3), so yup, we got that this time around.

Chocolate Mousse...not a great attempt at that here
(Cake on a Hot Tin Roof)

Personally, I have no idea what happened to this mousse. Hopefully just an anomaly, but the whipped cream (or what was likely supposed to be whipped cream) was an embarrassing, liquefied goop sitting on top of a chocolate concoction, neither having the requisite time or technique to properly come together. The mousse needed to be thicker, with more foundation to it, and the whipped cream lacked any light fluffiness. While the flavors were fine (and that's what "saved" the rating here), it was otherwise a very subpar attempt that should not have been sold to a paying customer. I'll likely give them one more try to see if they can deliver a better product.

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  1. Dear Aaron,

    I am sorry you had a bad experience. I was out of town for 8 days and had a teenage novice who made the mousse filling in for me. The mousse I make is far more substantial, is a more generous serving and has firm whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top.
    I can tell you came when I was gone because I have since added quotes to the cart and changed the hours.
    Please try again. I will comp you a mousse, a creme brulee or a marionberry strudel to make up for the wimpy mousse.