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(NOTE: Burgatroyd closed in August 2013.)

(NOTE: Blog post updated in February 2013 with a spicy burger video and updated menu! Burgatroyd is now located at The Row food pod near SE 2nd and Oak)

Burgatroyd is a burger-and-fries food cart located in the Mississippi Marketplace food pod in Portland, Oregon. Kevin Sandri, the founder of Garden State, started this cart in early 2011. Jamey is now the person running this cart.

This was from my 2011 experience:

Burgatroyd at the Mississippi Marketplace pod in 2011

First of all, Burgatroyd is one of the coolest food cart names I've ever seen.

Anyway, all Burgatroyd burgers use Highland Oak beef patties, Fleur de Lis brioche buns, lettuce, onions, and special sauce. They currently have six burgers on their menu (each $6), but you can even build your own if none of the menu items appeal to you.

I went with one of their signature burgers, the Garden State burger. Calabrian chili aioli, provolone, pickled onions, and tomato joined the lettuce, onions, and special sauce. I added an overeasy cage-free egg (75 cents) and a slice of their pancetta ($1), making the grand total $7.75 for this epic burger.

Menu (as of October 2011)
Garden State burger w/overeasy egg and pancetta (Burgatroyd)
I think it's extremely fitting this burger has the name "Garden State" on it. Anything that has Kevin Sandri's name on it has to be freakin' awesome. This burger was just incredible. My taste buds got bombarded with flavor, flavor, and more flavor. The beef patty was cooked to a perfect medium, just how I like my burgers. Sure, the aioli and special sauce contributed to the messiness this burger eventually created, but I didn't care.

Pancetta. Yeah, the Italian version of bacon. Yeah, it makes everything better. Yeah, I was a damn happy panda. Enough said.

It doesn't appear at this time that Burgatroyd has a vegetarian or vegan option (aside from their fries). Perhaps that could make its way onto the menu in the future.

***UPDATE to add my February 2013 experience:

Now Burgatroyd is in a new location at The Row food pod near SE 2nd and Oak.

Pandas simply can't stay away from fire. Hot peppers still look like shiny objects to grab and stuff in the mouth. Pain ensues that would drive normal people away. Still, crazy panda thinks it's awesome and wants more.

February 2013 menu (special burger will change, though)
 In early February, Jamey ran a burger special which included macerated cherries, Calabrian chili aioli, and pickled habaneros. Just a few habaneros, but it'll definitely still provide an intense experience for most people.

So what does the crazy panda do? Order a side of pickled habaneros. A nice 4 oz. container full of them. Yup, that oughta cause some massive pain.

"Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb" + 4 oz. of pickled habaneros
I tackled the burger first, mainly because I wanted to enjoy all the flavors I should be tasting. Jamey still uses the Fleur de Lis brioche buns, and that buttery bun is absolute money. The beef was juicy and perfectly cooked to my liking. I loved the sweetness of the cherries combining with the habanero heat.

Closeup of the burger
Pickled habaneros!

I then wolfed down the 4 oz of pickled habaneros to torture myself. As a note, peanut butter helps me deal with some of the pain. Just had to deal with the usual capsaicin cramps in the middle of the night. Oops.

VIDEO TIME! :-) Enjoy!

I still have to try that peanut butter burger on the menu. The "Preggers" ($7) has peanut butter, red onion, fried pickles, and cheddar cheese. While the only baby I'd be having is of the food variety, it still sounds damn good to me. I feel that bacon should be mandatory on that one, though. Add a buck for that.

After two trips to this food cart, I definitely recommend Burgatroyd for some great burgers. I'll have to watch out for the next spicy special! 9/10

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