Friday, October 28, 2011

Deb's Blazin' Grill

Deb's Blazin' Grill is a wiener food cart located at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon. Deb's motto..."Nobody beats our wieners!"

Deb's offers up to nine different types of wieners, from the traditional all-beef wiener (one of their top sellers) to an elk dog or buffalo dog (yeah, don't see that often, do ya?). Deb's gets all their wieners and buns from a local vendor.

Menu, part 1 (as of early October 2011)
Menu, part 2 (as of October 2011)
(Yup, they sell T-shirts as well!)
I wanted a bit of spice to my meal this time, so I ordered a Louisiana Hot Link hot dog ($5.25). Deb's offers many standard condiments. I topped my dog with relish, jalapenos, and Coney style mustard.

Louisiana Hot Link
After topping the hot link with my choice of condiments
Yup, I picked the proper hot dog here. I really liked the kick of the Louisiana Hot Link, and adding extra jalapenos to the dog really made me one happy panda. The bite of the Coney mustard and the tang of the relish rounded out a nice snack for me.

Unfortunately, I found it hard to cleanly bite through the hot link's casing. Also, I would have liked the bun toasted a bit (or a bit more if it really was toasted). In my book, eliminating those two flaws would make a great hot dog. Finally, it just didn't feel like this hot dog (or very many hot dogs, anyway) was worth $5.25. A pretty good hot dog, especially with a nice choice of condiments, but still some room for improvement. 6/10

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